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This land is our land, from sea to shining sea!
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A collection dedicated to Freedom!
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A collection dedicated to Beauty!
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“Liberty, when it begins to take root,
  is a plant of rapid growth.”
~George Washington
  • Created by a family of active, positive imagineers, we offer products radiating the beauty of America and freedom from sea to shining sea.
  • Brand brilliance is found in the products and the nation that gave rise to them!
  • Brand imagery emphasizes the physical beauty of America, iconic architecture, famous locations, tourist destinations, red white & blue Americana, and famous cultural and historic sites and monuments.
  • Brand community involvement and social responsibility emphasize the pride and core characteristics of America, from sea to shining sea: children and family, land and environment, education, military community, and wildlife and animals.
  • For example, among many other do-good things we are a Park Partner of the National Park Service, working to sustain the wonder of our nation’s national parks.
  • Because of the extraordinary variety of product suitable to convey the beauty of America, the Brand is principally presented through licensed product in stores with a more limited general selection available on this site.