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about us

America the Beautiful® was founded by a family born and raised in suburbs that are mirrored throughout the country.

Growing up, we’d take summer road trips through the mountains, spotting wildlife and taking in the scenic vistas of the Blue Ridge Parkway, coastal highways, and National Parks. Some summers, we’d venture into the cities, keeping up with fast-walking New Yorkers as we made our way to museums and the Statue of Liberty, or travel westward to stand in the mist surounding San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

As our little American family has grown older (and bigger) the summer ventures have become fewer, and the phone calls more frequent. On one such call, a family member spoke of his new home, a few states away, and of the strong, kind, hardworking people he’d begun raising his own family alongside. On another call, a relative spoke of the you-pay grocery stand by his new house, and the sky’s promise of a fresh blanket of snow.

As one call followed another, we’d all begun to reflect on how America is not beautiful only because of her landscapes and wildlife, as awe-inspiring as they may be, but because of her people—you, me, and everyone we know, begging the question what good is happiness if you don’t share it? And so, America the Beautiful® was born.