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America The Beautiful® Shop

men and unisex apparel

America The Beautiful® Wild Garden All Purpose Canvass Tote Bag



  • What is unclear is whether it is the garden or the gardener that is wild. Either way or both, you’ll love this tote bag.
  • Oh what happy fortune in this place to live!
  • Canvas.
  • Natural color.
  • American owned, printed and shipped! Created by a family of active, positive imagineers, the America The Beautiful® brand offers products radiating America’s beauty, freedom and values from sea to shining sea.
  • American-made art that makes you feel great! This brand is your brand. This brand is our brand. It was made for you and me.   

This Design

This design features a natural colored canvas imprinted one side in somewhat weathered forest green with the wonderful words “AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL” sideways with the first two words on the left side and the last on the right.   Between these bookends are found illustrations of Buckwheat, Poppy, Chamomile, Silybum Marianum, Clover, Lavender, Astragulus Onobrychis, Yellow Rocket, Black Currant, Linden/Tilia, Dandelion, Raspberries, Sinapis Rapeseed, Cornflower/Common Knapweed.   By Spenser Lia.

The Brand

America The Beautiful® is a positive lifestyle brand that offers optimistic apparel and accessories keying off  of the American spirit of keeping on getting better at getting better.   We offer motivational apparel, inspirational clothing and accessories such as bumper stickers, decals, coffee mugs, and bags which bear positive quotes, inspirational messages, positive messaging, inspirational messages, t-shirts with a message, t-shirts with inspirational sayings, to show love of country and the things that are so great here, which, like signposts in the wild and signs on the roads, we list here to help the indexers get you to your great brand.

This brand is your brand.  This brand is our brand.  It was made for you and me.  Have fun!   Love it!  Cherish it!  Enjoy it!   The registered trademark “America The Beautiful” is used by Name Brands, Inc. under license from D-Generation, Inc.