America The Beautiful® presents The Endless Summer Mug™!


Pour yourself some good warm vibes.  Catch some rays. It’s all good.  The Endless Summer™ Coffee Mug is a fully authentic tropical beach design which finds a wood longboard hand drawn by a real surfer-artist placed sideways around the entire mug on a soft beach scene as though standing on the summer beach, looking out across the sand, the sea, the waves and the surf, and off into the distance of the sky to the horizon. The wonderfully inspirational message “America Is Beautiful” wraps the mug, colored in various brown, tan and beige wood tones found on driftwood, beach shells, varnished longboard, and tropical palm trees. Parts of design are weathered and distressed like everything at the beach. The scene is bracketed at each end by two entirely different hand-drawn wind-swept palm trees.

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