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America The Beautiful®

America Is Beautiful Beaches Women’s Graphic Tee

America Is Beautiful Beaches Women’s Graphic Tee

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  • Made from 100% sustainable cotton
  • Designed, printed, and shipped in the U.S.A.
  • Custom hand drawn art.
  • A portion of each sale benefits various non-profits.

You love the beach. We love the beach. Let’s get together yeah yeah yeah in this beautiful beach shirt! What a beautiful place to live!

The design of the America Is Beautiful Beaches Womens Graphic Tee features a beautifully simple hand-drawn beach scene, with blue on the left half for the ocean, passing across a palm tree at the edge of the shore, and transitioning to green for the flora of the land. The palm arches gracefully to the left, its green fronds frolicking in the sea breeze, with a golden sun arc kissing the sea to its left and a light grey gull lofting in the winds. The most wonderful thought “America Is Beautiful” flows across the base in a hand-script which flows like the water itself.

A great comfort tee casual tee for weekend, fishing, social, daily wear, the salt water, salty venues, nature, outdoor, exploring, travel, wanderlust, walking, vacation, and cookouts. If you love the salt and the beach you’ll love this graphic tee

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