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America The Beautiful®

Classy T-Shirt | Women's

Classy T-Shirt | Women's

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  • Classy \kla-sē\: having or showing class, such as elegant, stylish; having or reflecting high standards; admirably skillful and graceful.  Positively American.
  • The minimalist art styles elegant statement art sets you up a notch.
  • America-owned, designed, based, printed and shipped here in the USA!
  • 100% USA cotton! True U.S. sizes.
  • A % of purchase benefits US nonprofits doing good things right here in the US!
A Perfect Match!

You’ll feel exceptionally cute in this chic sophisticated women's statement tee for evenings, outings, or daily wear. This elegant clean t-shirt design is the epitome of minimalist art. The perfect casual substitute for the little black dress.  Minimalism is principally an American movement in the visual arts and music which originated in NYC in the late 1960s and is characterized by extreme form simplicity in an objective and literal approach.

This Design

This minimalist design is classy, artsy and sophisticated, by means of the simple classy lettering used for its positive statement “America Is Beautiful.” This creation’s canvas is a classic black tee, on which is presented on the upper front in hand-drawn thin artsy lettering, some individual letters extending to three and four times as tall as they are wide, the most perfect and positive message “America Is Beautiful.” The coloration of the lettering is also key to the sophistication of this American-made design, being a dark shade of the same color as the shirt. Simplicity is always the core element of classiness.

The Brand

This brand is your brand! This brand is our brand! It was made for you and me! Created by an American family of active, positive imagineers, the America The Beautiful® brand offers products radiating America’s beauty and freedom from sea to shining sea. Our ethically sourced supply chain involves only those who do not use forced labor, child labor, or sweatshops. The registered trademark “America The Beautiful” is used by Name Brands, Inc. under license from D-Generation, Inc.

Road Signs

Navigating to where you to go in great big beautiful America can be challenging given how much is going on. Directions that will help get you here include things like womens graphic tee, womens tee, and statement tank. If you are looking for things American, then American-made, america, america is beautiful, and made in America, usa, and made in the USA will get you here. And using words like chic, sophisticated, minimalism, minimalist, stylish, classy, sophisticated, artsy, elegant, positivity, positive statement, positive message will absolutely make this statement tee the end point in your search for something wonderful to wear.

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