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America The Beautiful®

100 Proof Freedom Unisex T-Shirt

100 Proof Freedom Unisex T-Shirt

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  • Made from 100% sustainable cotton

  • Designed, printed, and shipped in the U.S.A.

  • Custom hand drawn art.

  • A portion of each sale benefits various non-profits.


Wear the shirt that shows freedom isn’t always smooth but it’s worth every last drop. Our family-company’s artist combined the traditions of handmade whiskey with the patriotic love of country America is known for the world over. Our 100 Proof Freedom tee is a rugged play on words perfect for the tough men and women that make this country so great. This distinctive graphic shirt uses authentic vintage wood-block styling of a whisky label full of Americana symbolism. Our special blend celebrates the heritage of the U.S. with the phrase “Old Glory” across the top to honor the flag and “since 1776” in the banner to showcase the rich history of our founding -- all 100 Proof that you’re born with red, white, and blue pumping through your veins. Freedom, liberty, and everything brave it takes to keep it. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of pride for the country that provides so much opportunity and freedom to live any way we’d like. That’s why we love this shirt. And you will too It is a great way to recognize the principles of a country dedicated to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - no matter who you are. Ever forward!

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