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America The Beautiful®

Hawaii Surfer Icon Graphic T-Shirt

Hawaii Surfer Icon Graphic T-Shirt

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Key Features
  • Wear the dream, decked out with iconic Hawaiian artwork and The Duke beach statue and enjoy Makani ‘olu’olu e kai malie! (fair winds and following seas)
  • Hand-drawn graphic art by a surfer, celebrating the Duke, an American Olympian.
  • 100% USA cotton! True U.S. sizes.
  • Family owned, designed, based, printed and shipped here in the USA!
  • A % of purchase benefits US nonprofits working here in the US!
  • Conceived, printed, and shipped here in the United States!

Embrace the sun-soaked, carefree lifestyle of the islands. This stunning example of hitting the waves is framed in the fragrant local flowers of one of the USA's most exotic and inviting states with colors that represent the soft setting sun over the Hawaiian isles. It features the iconic open-armed statue of Duke Kahanamoku from Waikiki Beach and has a visual playground that conjures memories of surf, sun, and innocence from the bygone era of the Waikiki Beach Boys.

Now you can commemorate this same spirit of aloha as you put out good vibes, all with natural cotton that keeps you cool and comfortable for daily wear. Wear the dream decked out in iconic Hawaiian artwork and The Duke beach statue and enjoy Makani ‘olu’olu e kai malie! (fair winds and following seas)

This Design

This highly detailed icon design, by our artist, surfer, and musician Kem, flows from his surfing trip to Hawaii. Across the top the bannerline proclaims “America The Beautiful” in 60’s surfer text, filled with earth tone red and outlined with a stroke of gold and followed by a stroke of blue. The central panel features a classic beach scene of the shore, the ocean, distant land, palm trees on each side, all in the thin gold-bronze frame with convex sides reminiscent of tropical bamboo. In front of that panel is a vertical oval panel, filled with a vintage postcard scene of Hawaiians surfing on wooden longboards with Diamond Head in the distance. An antique distressed antique-gold colored ribbon banner with tattered edges unfurls across the bottom, bearing the words “Waikiki Hawaii” made of bamboo lettering. The focal point is an image of the iconic bronze statue of The Duke from Waikiki Beach, the father of modern surfing, that is located on Kuhio Beach, in Waikiki welcoming all who come. Floral flourishes in gold spread out slightly around the edges of the entire design, blending it into the backdrop of the shirt. The colors represent the soft setting sun over the Hawaiian isles.

The bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku welcomes all with open arms on Kuhio Beach, in Waikiki. The Duke was born in 1890, grew up swimming and surfing expertly in Waikiki, won gold and silver Olympic medals, and spread the sport of surfing and the spirit of aloha around the world. He was part of the Waikiki Beach Boys who earned a living teaching visitors to surf and canoe, and they are there doing so even today.

Good vibes, positive thoughts, love of country, t-shirts with a message, inspirational t-shirts, and optimism, all in one iconic design.

Positively American!

The Brand!

Created by a family of active, positive imagineers, the America The Beautiful® brand offers products radiating America’s beauty, freedom and values from sea to shining sea. It’s awesome here!

America The Beautiful® is a positive lifestyle brand that delivers optimistic apparel and accessories keying off of the American spirit of keeping on getting better at getting better! We offer motivational apparel, inspirational clothing and accessories such as bumper stickers, decals, coffee mugs, and bags which bear positive quotes, inspirational messages, positive messaging, inspirational messages, t-shirts with a message, t-shirts with inspirational sayings, to show love of country and the things that are so great here!

The registered trademarks “America The Beautiful” and “America Is Beautiful” are used by Name Brands, Inc. under license from D-Generation, Inc.

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Giving Back!

We do Good! Brand community involvement and social responsibility emphasize the pride and core characteristics of the USA: children and family, land and environment, education, honoring our military community, wildlife and animals. For example, among many other good works the brand is a Park Partner of the National Park Service, working to sustain the wonder of our nation’s national parks.

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