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America The Beautiful®

Horse & Pony Girl’s Graphic Tee

Horse & Pony Girl’s Graphic Tee

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Key Features
  • For your wild little angel who dreams of the mane in her face! Teach her the ride goes on and there’s something beautiful ahead!
  • 100% USA cotton! True U.S. sizes.
  • Family owned, designed, based, printed and shipped here in the USA!
  • A % of purchase benefits US nonprofits working here in the US!
  • She can show she’s proud to be an American in a very fun way!
  • Give your girl the power of confidence with this great conversation starter!
A Great Fit!

Is there anything more positive to show the American Spirit than the a horse and pony in a full run? The America The Beautiful Horse and Pony girls t-shirt is the perfect surprise for your daughter, niece, cousin, and family friend who can’t get enough of an animal that has inspired everything from USA-made muscle cars to unstoppable sports teams. It’s a wonderful addition to her wardrobe for everything from daily wear around to school to going on a family vacation.

Your girl will love putting on this soft and breathable t-shirt made from 100% rich cotton fabric that is easy to wash – blessedly. An excellent way to inspire a touch of Americana while still letting kiddo show off the animal they love the most. She can show she’s proud to be an American in a very fun way!

This Design

This design’s hand-drawn mare and colt horse and pony graphics are perfect for your horse and pony girl! A brown mare and colt are running close beside each other, the flash of their white socks, the mare’s mane flowing behind her, atop a distressed mottled background with the word “America” above and the words “The Beautiful” below in pink hand-drawn script. Such a beautiful place to live!

This is a perfectly fun girls tee for play, weekend, daily wear, nature, outdoor, wanderlust, day hiking, adventure, vacation, or camping.

The Brand!

This brand is your brand! This brand is our brand! It is made for you and me! Created by a family of active, positive imagineers, the America The Beautiful® brand offers products radiating America’s beauty, freedom and values from sea to shining sea. Brand imagery emphasizes the physical beauty of America, iconic architecture, famous locations, tourist destinations, red white and blue Americana, and famous cultural and historic sites and monuments. Brand community involvement and social responsibility emphasize the pride and core characteristics of the USA: children and family, land and environment, education, honoring our military community, wildlife and animals. For example, among many other good works the brand is a Park Partner of the National Park Service, working to sustain the wonder of our nation’s national parks.

Our ethically sourced supply chain involves only those who do not use forced labor, child labor, or sweatshops. The registered trademarks “America Is Beautiful” and “America The Beautiful” are used by Name Brands, Inc. under license from D-Generation, Inc.

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