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America The Beautiful®

The Endless Summer Mug by America The Beautiful®

The Endless Summer Mug by America The Beautiful®

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Key Features
  • Pour yourself some good warm vibes. Catch some rays. It’s all good.
  • 11 or 15 oz. Ceramic
  • A % of purchase benefits nonprofits here in the US!
  • America The Beautiful® is an American owned and operated family business!
  • Positively American!
The Design

The Endless Summer Mug by America Is Beautiful® is a fully authentic tropical beach design finds a wood longboard hand drawn by a real surfer-artist placed sideways around the entire mug on a soft beach scene as though standing on the summer beach, looking out across the sand, the sea, the waves and the surf, and off into the distance of the sky to the horizon. On warm days the ocean and waves heat and flex the air and bend the light differently in different places creating mirages and drifting thoughts. The ocean warmth, beach scene and how they shimmer and play the light are all captured in the watercolor background. The surfboard is colored with authentic red, white, and black colors longboards were actually painted in when not just varnished clear, and it’s striped authentically to show the multiple glue-ups of the long boards that actually make up a real surfing longboard. The wonderfully inspirational message “America Is Beautiful” wraps the mug, colored in various brown, tan and beige wood tones found on driftwood, beach shells, varnished longboard, and tropical palm trees. Parts of design are weathered and distressed like everything at the beach. Rare is the perfect unworn shell, and it’s our cracks and notices that give us the flavor of our lives. So it’s all good. The scene is bracketed at each end by two entirely different hand-drawn wind-swept palm trees. It's so rare there's not at least a slight breeze at the beach.

The Inspiration

Lots of time at the beach inspired this distressed, retro, weathered, mug design. Hand-drawn by our family’s artist Kem, a lifelong artist, surfer, musician and photographer, his vintage art is as authentic as it can get. Kem has spent more time than most any other living human being at the beach, playing music, and on every type of longboard and shortboard there is be it wood boards or fiberglass boards. He’s even done longboards like the one in this good vibes drawing. He introduced me to “buddha” the nickname of he who makes surfboards in the area. So kick back and soak up the relaxing warmth of one of the most comfortable, authentic, honest beach themes there is with your Endless Summer™ Mug Kem grew up in New Smyrna and I grew up in Daytona Beach. I'm blessed to know him – it is good to know those who can bring out a lot of life’s flavor. I came up with the concept for this design but Kem delivered everything that it is for you and I. And Janet named it, so I know we're going to be all right.

The Brand

America The Beautiful® is a super-positive lifestyle brand that delivers fun and optimistic apparel and accessories keying off of all the people, places, things, and thoughts that make America such a beautiful place, and the American spirit of keeping on getting better at getting better! We offer inspirational t-shirts, t-shirts with a message, bumper stickers, decals, coffee mugs, optimistic apparel and accessories, patriotic, optimistic, motivational, love of country, and positivity! What happy fortune in this place to live!

The registered trademarks “America The Beautiful” and “America Is Beautiful” are used by Name Brands, Inc. under license from D-Generation, Inc. Our ethically-sourced supply chain involves only those who do not use forced labor, child labor, or sweatshops.

Buoys & Lighthouses

We talk about things in a lot of different ways in America and many times we've got eight ways of saying the same thing! Right? Don’t you know? Sure. Of course. Right on. Got it? So while we used some words to talk about this mug like surfing, vintage, surf boards, easy-going, relaxed, wood, mirage, shimmer, palm trees, good vibes, positive vibes, longboards, shortboards, and weathered, you might use others to try and find it, such as retro, vintage, beach, surf, surfing, summer, ocean, waves, surfer, palm trees, tropical, or grunge. And so were giving you those here as well to help you find this wonderful coffee mug we know you’re looking for. /p>

We Give Back!

Kids! Character! Animals! The Great Outdoors! Preservation! Heritage! History! Help serve the beautiful people, places, things, and ideas that make America such a wonderful place to live! Beauty, freedom and values from sea to shining sea! A percent of every purchase benefits US nonprofits working here in the US! Brand community involvement and social responsibility emphasize the pride and core characteristics of the USA: youth autonomy, parks, playgrounds, active duty military troops and their families, wildlife and animals.

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