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America The Beautiful®

Cowboy Boot Wood Wall Plaque by America The Beautiful

Cowboy Boot Wood Wall Plaque by America The Beautiful

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  • Add some American character to your home with this America the Beautiful® wall cowboy boot wall plaque!
  • Cowboy boots exemplify individual strength and the confident, true American character. Their elements are functional, their design a statement.
  • In the true blue and red of our American flag, the most beautiful flag in the world!
  • Exemplifies individual strength and the confident, true, rugged American character.
  • Handmade of real birch wood for you in our workshop in America -- a family treasure and heirloom.
  • Family owned, designed, based, printed and shipped here in the USA!
  • 8 ½” wide and 10 ½” wide. About ½” thick.

Hot-branded on the back by hand in our shop by our crew with a real hot branding iron - the maker’s mark that will prove it up on Antiques Roadshow, Christie’s or Sotheby’s in 100 years! It is real wood with art printed directly on it and hand-painted edges. stainable birch and American timber. Nicely sized wall décor that fits most anywhere. Wood struts on the back stands your plaque off the wall about ½” for nice depth and effect.

This Design

This wood wall sign design features real birch wood and American timber with the art printed directly on it with a well-worn, weathered, easy to live around feel. To look like it was found in an old attic or barn. The design on the plaque face is in four colors, red white and blue, and earth tone brown. The cowboy boot is printed in antique red white and large and centered on the sign face, with its spur to the left in aged white. Behind the left half of the sign face is printed in vintage red and the right half in vintage blue. The part of the boot that is in the blue panel is colored red, and the part that is in the red panel is colored blue on its top half and white on it bottom half. A star appears on the side of the boot in antique white. Across the bottom a field is painted in earth tone brown, and on that field is printed the positive message “America the Beautiful” in the same aged white as the cowboy boot. The entire plaque is aged with flecks of an earthy golden color, and the ¼” thick edges of the plaque are hand painted in the same color. Two wood struts run across the back to stand the plaque off the wall about ½” for nice depth and effect. The sign is hot-branded on its rear by hand with a real hot branding iron to prove it is made-in-America and hand-made. It harkens to the old west, wild west, American West, cattle drives, and country living. A design effort by Kem and Martin.

The Brand

America The Beautiful® is a family-owned positive lifestyle brand that delivers optimistic apparel and accessories keying off of the American spirit of keeping on getting better at getting better! Brand community involvement and social responsibility emphasize the pride and core characteristics of the USA: children and family, land and environment, education, honoring our military community, wildlife and animals.

The registered trademark “America The Beautiful” is used by Name Brands, Inc. under license from D-Generation, Inc

Trail Guides

Our American language is rich with many ways of describing things, and some may refer to this treatment as vintage, weathered, retro, aged, cracked, grunge, or distressed, which, like signposts in the wild and signs on the roads, we list here to help indexers get you to this great design. It features a cowboy boot, and words that might lead you to it include cowboy, cowgirl, country, western, old west, wild west, American West, cattle drives, country living, sign, wood wall sign, wall plaque, wall décor, décor, country, hot-branded, branding iron, American-made, america, good vibes, grunge, vintage, retro, aged, distressed hand-drawn, america the beautiful, distressed, usa, red white and blue, american flag, and americana. We hope they get you here to what you’re lookin’ for.

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