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America The Beautiful®

San Francisco Golden City Trolley Icon Women Graphic Tee

San Francisco Golden City Trolley Icon Women Graphic Tee

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  • Made from 100% sustainable cotton

  • Designed, printed, and shipped in the U.S.A.

  • Custom hand drawn art.

  • A portion of each sale benefits various non-profits.


Pick up a piece of authentic Americana with your stunning America The Beautiful San Francisco Golden City Trolley Icon Unisex Graphic Tee showing off San Francisco, California! Show the fun of the Golden City as the cable car crests the hill and dramatic vista of the Golden Gate Bridge stands behind!  So much of our history is wrapped into the imagery of public trolleys, winding roads, steep hills, and the iconic Gold Gate Bridge, and this comfortable and retro-styled shirt captures the unique beauty that is San Fran.

Kem, one of our family company’s artists, used his impressive hand-drawing skills to outline the tightly packed houses dotting the hills of San Francisco with the well-known trolley car full of passengers out for an evening ride. In the background  the wide-reaching towers of the Golden Gate Bridge stand strong and true, all beneath the wonderful America The Beautiful message and framed with a vintage-styled accent.

You know, with such beautiful and fun places like this to enjoy, your “America The Beautiful” t-shirt  manifests the music of the “America The Beautiful song” and meaning of the “America The Beautiful lyrics” into a tangible part of your life each day.  This is one of our more popular designs that evokes the more relaxed and vibrant aspects of the California coast. 

Hop on board with one for your own San Francisco Golden City Trolley tee for yourself or as a gift for those friends and family members who appreciate the fun, good vibes, and laid-back culture of Californians.

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